Ostuni Publishing is about a personal approach to the writing field and its writers. We encourage new writers and experienced writers alike to submit works, and we WILL reply to each and every one of you if your writing is at an acceptable level of polish and conviction. Don't be turned away by this, perhaps you are too hard on yourself, but at the same time we want writers who are in it for the long haul. The writer who says, 'This is what I do, I may fail, but I cannot do anything else.' Writing is not something you do, it is something you channel, and a  person channels better with time and experience - and, most importantly, with perseverance. If you're not put off by the rules of being a writer, the restrictions, the impossibilities, and the odds, then you are the writer we are looking for. Many of the big publishers are missing out on you, and that's okay because we will be the lucky ones to discover the diamond in the rough.